This is my blog on warfare during the centuries gone. I will be presenting the reconstructions of historical battles and warriors based on historical sources: written, iconographical and on preserved pieces of arms and armor. I am going to follow current discoveries in military archaeology and history of warfare in order to make my reconstructions fresh and updated.

My blog is not focused on any specific time or place- you will find there warriors of different places and time. I hope you will enjoy my historical artwork.

niedziela, 12 maja 2013

Late Sassanid warriors

Trough the basics stayed the same throughout this era, many elements ofweaponry evolved to some degree. By now the majority of troops were armored, though light horsemen were still employed. The one shown here is based on depictions of hunters and courties. The armored trooper, middle, is based on spahbedan seals, though his helmet is based on a surviving example. Horse armor was usually of the laminated type, though scale armor certainly survived into the late period as well. The commander on the right is based on the relief at Taq-e Boastan.

The first publication Anciend Warfare Vol V Issue



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